When is a Football fan’s responsibility to stop the fans violence?

Posted by MNN on Monday, January 08, 2018 07:37:22 The Tennessee Vols are facing a critical decision over whether to play the University of Miami on Saturday against the Florida Gators in what is expected to be the final game of the season.

In a letter sent to fans on Tuesday, the university said that, after a meeting Tuesday evening, it would no longer play any team from the Big Ten or the SEC until it had completed the process of determining the viability of the event.

The letter also said it would play the game if Florida wins the SEC championship and the University and the fans agreed to the decision.

“We appreciate your continued support, patience, and understanding of our position and that the Vols were able to reach a compromise in the interest of all involved,” the letter reads.

“However, if we were to cancel the game, our commitment to the student-athletes, fans, faculty, staff, donors, and fans of the University would be nullified.

In that case, we would not have the right to host a football game against a school that has not earned the trust of our student-award-winning football program.”

The Vols will host the Gators on Saturday at 5 p.m.

The team will play the Miami Hurricanes at 6:30 p.M.

The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.

The decision by the university comes two days after the University announced the cancellation of the annual “Florida Kickoff” game scheduled for the Citrus Bowl, which would have been played at a time in Florida that was also considered a home game for the Vol.

The Vol are scheduled to face Florida in the Citrls first home game since the Vol lost their last home game, a 45-0 loss at Tennessee last season.

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment.