How to watch Alabama vs. Mississippi football on ESPN2

The Alabama-Mississippi game on ESPN was postponed indefinitely after an accident on the field during Saturday’s contest between the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs.

The delay is expected to last a week or two.

The delay will make it difficult for fans to get to the game, and it could also hurt the sport of football in general.

“I am not happy that they are going to be postponing the game,” said Chris McBride, who was at the stadium Saturday night to watch the game.

“It’s the best part of the year for football.

But we’ll see what happens.”

The delay in the game could also cost the state money, as Mississippi lost $8.7 million in ticket sales during Saturday night’s game.

“The fact that this happened shows how out of control the sport has become,” said Mississippi State Athletics Director Dave Hart, who has been in office since December 2015.

“We’re in a lot of bad financial straits, and we’re going to have to look at the best way to survive.”

On Sunday, the State Board of Education will discuss the postponement and possible cancellation of the game on its website.

The board is expected on Monday to decide whether to approve the postponing of the contest.

The game will not be televised on the SEC Network.

The postponement will hurt Mississippi’s image nationally, as the game is scheduled to be televised by ABC and ESPN on Sunday afternoon.

“We’re a state that has a great reputation and I think that this game will definitely tarnish that reputation,” said Jackson State University Director of Athletics Dave Aranda.

“I’m sure they’re all aware of that.

They’ve all seen how bad our ratings are.

It’s a very important game, for sure, but the whole state is going to miss it.”

The State Board is expected in a closed-door meeting Monday to approve whether to continue to host the game at Mississippi State Stadium.

The state’s athletic department says it will be up to the board to decide the game’s fate.