How to pick the best college football team in the nation

By Brian Murphy | 10/06/17 07:58:04 There are a lot of great college football teams in the country.

However, we know the best teams are not necessarily the ones you see on TV.

So we’ve decided to take a look at the top 15 teams in this year’s College Football Playoff rankings.

The first four teams to make the cut are: Ohio State (11), Penn State (10), Michigan (9), and Virginia Tech (8).

In order to make it to the final eight, each team must win one game against one opponent in each conference.

The four teams that made the cut last season, Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, and Florida, have all played two games in the last four years.

The other teams are: Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Ohio State.

The next group of five is Florida State, LSU, Michigan State, and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is in the middle of a four-game losing streak and has lost four straight to Georgia, Tennessee, and Clemson.

Ohio State is in a position where it can get some help from an undefeated team to make this group.

If they can win at home against Florida, they can finish the season with the No. 1 team in this category.

We don’t have a lot to say about those five teams because they’re not exactly loaded, but the fact that Ohio State and Penn State have been on this list for a while speaks volumes about their ability to overcome some adversity.

Ohio St. vs. Penn State