Why the Texas Tech Badgers have been on the brink of the NCAA Tournament

Last season, Texas Tech had a 7-2 record, which ranked among the best in the country.

The team also had some success in the Big 12 Conference and had an 8-3 record in Big 12 play.

Last season the Badgers had an average of 8.8 points per game, which was the best mark in the conference.

The last time Texas Tech won a conference championship, in 2016, they lost to Baylor.

Texas Tech is currently 5-0 in the league, which is the best record in the Mountain West Conference.

Last year’s squad had a .619 winning percentage, which ranks among the top in the nation.

Texas has been able to compete for the national title in a number of seasons, winning two of those years.

But the Badger program has not made the NCAA tournament since 2014, and the only team to reach the Final Four since 2011 has been the Baylor Bears.

Texas, which has a 4-8 record this season, is looking for its first NCAA tournament win since 2003.

The season opener was a big disappointment for fans in Austin, but Texas Tech has not played as poorly as they did in 2017.

There are a number reasons why the Badgs have struggled so far this season.

First and foremost, the team has struggled to find consistency with its offense.

Despite having two different offensive coordinators, the offensive unit has been very inconsistent.

This is not to say that the offensive line has been bad, but the offensive system is very inconsistent with its play.

Injuries have limited the amount of players that are playing in the offense, which makes it difficult to get any kind of consistent production out of a team.

Second, the Badgies defense has struggled as well.

While the defense has been solid, they have been unable to create turnovers, which leads to a lot of mistakes.

This has led to the defense getting outplayed in the run game, and is a major concern for the offense.

Finally, there is a lack of depth on the defensive side of the ball.

The Badgers are one of the worst defenses in the SEC, and that has been evident since they moved to the Big East Conference in 2019.

The defense has a lot to work on, and there is not a lot that the Badges offense can do to help the team.

The offense has been inconsistent this season and they have not been able get a lot out of their playmakers.

Texas needs to find a way to improve on the defense, and find some consistency with the offense to give the offense more opportunities.

In a conference like the Big Ten, where most of the teams in the East and West have a lot in common, there should be more consistency and more consistent production.

The Big Ten Tournament will take place on March 4th in Columbus, Ohio.

The winner will play Michigan State in the final on April 16th.