The NCAA rules committee is looking at the issue of wearing helmeted helmets for football players

The NCAA is looking into how players wear helmets during games, and the panel of the committee that oversees the sport’s rules says it will be holding a hearing this month on whether helmets should be required on players.

In a memo issued on Friday, the committee’s chairman, Gary Barta, said it is reviewing the rules and will take up the matter with the NCAA’s executive committee at its meeting in early May.

Barta said the panel will be able to comment on the issue during its meeting on May 10, with the committee considering “whether a helmet should be mandatory on every player on the field at any time.”

He said the committee is also exploring the issue in conjunction with the NFLPA, and said the league is “looking at this in conjunction” with the association.

Barton said the rulemaking process is taking time, but that the NCAA will take time to consider the proposal, which he said is a “good first step.”

“We will be looking at this again, in conjunction, with our NFLPA and others,” he said.

Barta said the NFL is not commenting on the topic.

The NCAA’s rulemaking is led by the chairmen of the rules committee and the executive committee.

It is composed of 15 members from sports and all 32 member schools.

The committee has been looking at how helmets should look, wear and function for years, including looking at potential ways to protect the players.

Basketball rules are a big sticking point, and Barta said that the committee was looking at helmets this month.

The letter says that the panel is not yet ready to make a decision on whether to require helmets, but said it will take “time to consider whether a helmet is required on every athlete.”

Barta added that the NFL was “looking into this in the context of our own participation in the game.”