How to watch the NCAA Football Championship Series in 2018

With the season just beginning and the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision season just under three months away, it is time to begin looking ahead to the first week of the new college football season.

Here are our top storylines for 2018, as well as what to watch for in each week of college football:1.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma: The Cowboys will have their first chance to take on Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.

They will be looking to extend their winning streak to eight games and a bowl win, and they could be in the mix for a Big 12 title.

The Bears won the last meeting in Austin in 2019.2.

TCU vs. Florida State: The Seminoles will host TCU on the road for the first time since they won the national title last year.

The Frogs will look to extend that streak to seven games and win the SEC East, but they will need to beat Oklahoma and TCU to have any shot at winning it all.3.

Ohio State vs. Michigan State: Ohio State will host Michigan State in a rematch of last year’s national title game, and this is a matchup that is expected to be decided in the second half of the season.

Both teams are ranked in the top 10 and both have a chance to be ranked first in the AP poll.4.

USC vs. Clemson: The Trojans will be coming off their biggest win of the year over Arizona State, and it is expected that they will be the first team to take the field in the Rose Bowl since the 2000 Fiesta Bowl.

Clemson has a chance at being the No. 1 seed, but USC needs to win the ACC Championship.5.

Alabama vs. LSU: The Crimson Tide will be hoping to get their first win over an SEC opponent since beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl in 2008.

LSU is ranked No. 2 in the SEC and Alabama needs to beat the Tigers to secure the No 1 seed in the College Football Playoff.6.

Michigan vs. Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish will be playing a game that will be decided by a field goal.

Michigan needs to pick up a win in a close game, while Notre Dame needs to go on a three-game winning streak against ranked opponents to have a shot at playing in the Orange Bowl.7.

Oregon State vs: USC will be facing off against the Trojes in the Pac-12 Championship.

Oregon has a huge home advantage, but the TroJes need to win in Seattle or Pasadena to be in contention for a Rose Bowl spot.8.

Wisconsin vs. Washington: The Badgers will host Washington in their first meeting in Madison since 2010.

Washington has a great home field advantage and could be a favorite to win.9.

Florida vs. UCLA: The Bruins will host Florida in the first game of the Pac 12 Championship on Saturday.

Florida is ranked third in the ACC and is looking to be the No 10 seed in this year’s College Football Championship.10.

Michigan Tech vs. Penn State: Michigan Tech is coming off a huge win over Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl and is on a five-game win streak against the Nittany Lions.

Penn St needs to defeat Michigan Tech in Arlington, Texas, to have an outside shot at the Big Ten title.11.

LSU vs. Ohio: LSU has a three to four game home winning streak, but Ohio has a four-game losing streak against its own teams.

The Buckeyes need to sweep its first two games of the regular season to secure a bowl bid.12.

USC at LSU: USC is looking for its first win since beating Texas A&M in the Peach Bowl in 2017.

The TroJers need to defeat LSU in Baton Rouge, La., to be one of two teams to play for the SEC title.13.

Alabama at Ohio State: Alabama is looking at a two-game home winning stretch, and the Buckeyes have to beat Ohio State to have the chance to play in the Cotton Bowl.14.

USC and Oklahoma State at Oklahoma: USC needs a win to make the College Cup playoffs, and Oklahoma needs to lose to USC in Arlington to have at least a shot of playing in Cotton Bowl 48.15.

Nebraska vs. Nebraska: The Huskers will have the first meeting since the 2015 Rose Bowl, when they lost to Washington.

Nebraska is ranked second in the Cornhuskers’ conference standings and will need a win over Nebraska to have chances at a Cotton Bowl bid.16.

Michigan at Texas A & M: The Wolverines are looking to bounce back from their loss to LSU, and A& M needs to be defeated to earn a bowl berth.17.

Alabama and Georgia at LSU and Auburn: The Tigers have an 11-game streak against opponents ranked in that week’s AP poll and are looking for a home win over LSU to have their chance at making the College Bowl.18.

Oregon vs. Oregon St.: The Ducks have won six of their last seven games, and