How to play the new Osu football game, with the help of a YouTube guide

When the new season of the Australian Football League began in October last year, it was not a game that many fans expected.

There were no home-and-away fixtures, and a lack of any clear national title contenders.

That was to change in January with the launch of the OSAFL, a new football league that will feature a new format and a different name.

In the words of Australian Rugby League boss David Gallop, “it’s going to be a new game”.

That’s the promise.

OSAFLEX Football will feature 12 teams with a total of 20,000 members and will be launched with a series of three home and away matches.

It’s expected to start in April.

A preview article We caught up with one of the league’s organisers, Tim O’Connor, to find out more about the new format, its format, and the challenges it presents.

What is the OASFLEXX Football league?

The OASFL is an AFL-style football league based in Perth, in the Australian Capital Territory.

The OSAFA, or Perth Football Association, is the governing body of the club and has its headquarters in Perth.

What will be different to AFL and OSA?

OSA Football is a completely new league.

It will be a mix of AFL and NRL, and it will be run by a board of directors who will be appointed by the club’s board of management.

The clubs’ directors will be the owners and players themselves, with no directors or administrators.

OASFA members will also be able to vote in the OAPL, the national governing body for the AFL and a club that has the ability to sign players from outside of Australia.

How much will it cost?

OAS Football will cost between $500,000 and $1 million, depending on the length of the season and the club.

What kind of teams will be available?

The most popular team will be chosen from a pool of players from the WA and Queensland regions, with more than 25 teams to choose from.

Clubs will be able nominate players from other areas to fill positions in the team.

A majority of the clubs will be based in the Perth region, with a few teams in regional areas in regional Queensland.

The teams will also have to pay players based in WA and other states based on the size of the player pool.

How many teams will there be?

The number of clubs will depend on how many members each team has.

Clubs can have as few as four members each, but a club can have more than four members.

Clubs also have the option to have more members in a season.

How will players be chosen?

Clubs will select players based on their ability, ability to train and develop and quality of training and development.

There will be no quota system for who can play or train with the club, so each team will have a maximum number of players that they can choose from to play.

What are the rules of the game?

The rules of play will be similar to AFL, with all games being a two-minute stoppage period.

A player’s number of possessions will be counted as a point in the match.

The points for a goal will be deducted from the score and the player will be awarded a penalty.

A penalty kick is scored when a player takes an offensive tackle or tackles a player from behind.

A goal kick is awarded when a team wins the ball after a free kick is taken from a goal.

For example, if a goal kicks off with a five-metre shot from 25 metres out and a penalty kick takes place from 10 metres out, the game will be stopped and a free-kick awarded to the defending team.

The goal kick will be assessed in two stages.

The first stage will determine whether the goal kick was successful, with two goals scored, or not.

In this stage, a player’s total possessions will also count towards their score, with any extra possessions being scored after that point.

If a goal is missed or a penalty is not awarded, the final stage will assess whether a team has scored a goal or not, and then a second free kick will take place.

Where can I find out about the OSSFLEIX Football League?

Find out more on the OBSFLEEX Football website and the OLSFLEXPress website.