Baylor’s offense is going to need some help on offense

By Ryan KostelnikA lot of people are already talking about how Baylor will need to upgrade at the quarterback position and if they can get that done, it could make it a little easier to win.

But one player who’s going to have a lot of fans and media following in this conversation is defensive end Tyrell Adams, who’s still coming off a disappointing season for the Bears, and who’s also had a rough time in recent weeks.

In fact, Adams’ week 17 performance against Texas Tech was his worst of the season, with a QB rating of just 22.1 on a total of 34 pass plays.

The Bears had a chance to pull off a blowout victory, but Adams’ play fell apart in the final minute of the game.

The numbers Adams posted during that game don’t look like they can continue for much longer.

He completed just 6 of 15 passes for 63 yards and no touchdowns, while giving up seven sacks and four hurries.

While Adams may be coming off of a down year, it’s still an encouraging sign for the future.

He’s a proven leader on the defensive line, and while he’s still young, his athleticism and size make him an ideal fit for the run-heavy, power-based offense Baylor has been operating under.