When the Steelers lost, the Eagles had no idea what to expect

By Steve Dykes”What’s more important to a football team?

Winning, or having a chance to win in the future?”

The answer to that question has been a lot of things.

For the Steelers, winning the Super Bowl and going to the NFC Championship Game was the most important things to a team.

Winning the Superbowl is a very good thing.

Winning it for the first time in almost 50 years was a very, very good experience.

Going to the AFC Championship Game for the fifth time in seven years was also a very special one.

Winning at home for the second straight year and getting a chance at the Lombardi Trophy was also one of the best experiences of my life.

And winning the NFC title for the seventh time in eight years was an even better one.

It’s really, really tough to say what is more important: Winning the AFC or the NFC championship.

That’s what this season has shown us.

And if it was not for a couple of things that happened, it would have been a completely different story.

Let’s start with the biggest story of the season.

The Steelers were 3-5 when the defense got beat.

In fact, they were 0-4 when the offense didn’t score.

So it was one of those seasons where you want to be good, but you want the defense to be bad.

Pittsburgh had been 1-5 in the division this season, and they had not scored a touchdown all season.

But the defense was dominant in the second half, when they allowed only three points per game.

The defense did that because they were not getting beat.

That was their identity, and it was their greatest strength.

But this year they got beat by the Seahawks.

Pittsburgh was 4-3 on the season before the Seahawks, and now they were 3:1 with the only win coming at home.

But they were able to overcome a lot more than just that.

They beat the Cardinals, and then the Patriots.

They also beat the Eagles, who were just coming off a tough loss to the Bears.

They dominated the Cowboys, and when they beat the Giants, the Steelers took care of business.

It was a good year for the Steelers.

But it was a year where you had to be careful not to overreact, and you also had to not overreact too much.

If you do that, you might miss out on some of the magic that can come along with a winning season.

This was the season where you needed to look for the positives.

The team was still good.

They were just a few weeks removed from the playoffs, and the schedule was stacked.

And then you had the Giants.

They’re still a very talented team.

They had just lost their two best players.

But I still thought the Steelers were a team that could be dangerous.

That is, until you beat the Packers.

So now, I’m really concerned about how they are going to handle that matchup.

You don’t get any real respect for your defense against Green Bay.

I mean, they are a good team.

But Green Bay has a very strong defense.

They are a very physical defense.

And the Packers are really good at throwing the ball.

And they have a very solid offense, too.

They’ve been doing it all year long.

So I was very worried about what we were going to face on Sunday.

They played some really good football last year.

But even in their divisional playoff loss to Seattle, they had an incredible performance.

And when you get that type of performance, it makes you feel good.

I felt like the Steelers had a lot to prove against Green Bams.

It looked like they were just trying to win, and I thought they had a chance.

But we’re not going to let them get away with that again.

I think the Steelers have been very consistent and disciplined this season.

And we need them to be even more consistent this season because we don’t want to let their inconsistency get to us.

I thought this was a pretty solid performance.

They scored four touchdowns, which was a little more than they did in the first half of last year, but still more than their regular-season average of four touchdowns.

I was really impressed by the way they handled the Seahawks defense.

That defense, in the end, didn’t really have any holes.

They didn’t make any big plays.

They just tried to slow down the Seahawks offense and keep it in check.

I don’t know if that’s going to be a problem.

I really don’t see it as a problem, though.

They did some good things, and we saw some really strong play from their offensive line.

It is a lot different when you’re running against a team like Seattle that is one of, if not the best offensive line in the league.

They have a lot going on there.

So the Seahawks really had no choice but to be disciplined, and that’s what they did.

And I thought the play of the defense, from the