When the NFL’s worst coach gets fired

After a 10-game losing streak and one loss at home, the NFL is once again in the spotlight for the first time in a decade.

And for the second straight season, the worst coach in NFL history was fired.

The NFL is in the midst of its longest losing streak since it was in the playoffs in 1994.

It has gone 10-0 in that stretch.

The only coach to lose nine games in a row was Andy Reid, who was fired in 2017.

But there are no other coaches to have lost nine games or more in a season since 1996.

It’s the longest losing run in NFL annals.

It’s been more than 20 years since the last time a coach was fired by the NFL.

In that time, the league has gone 11-5.

The next-longest streak is 20 years.

The longest losing drought is 15.

The next longest losing stretch was 10 games, in 1998.

The last time an NFL coach was dismissed by the league was in 1992.

The only coaches to lose 10 games in one season was Bill Parcells in 2001.

The worst loss streak was 16 games in 2001, when Bill Belichick was fired for the final time.