When the NFL loses its title, it becomes a lot less interesting

College football games are about as exciting as a car wreck: they’re often thrilling to watch, but they’re also hard to understand, particularly if you don’t have the right background knowledge.

That’s where the NFL has become so good at.

Its football games aren’t really about football at all.

They’re about who’s the most popular player on the gridiron, and how that person is doing at the moment.

There’s no sport to be won or lost.

But in the midst of the excitement, we’ve been losing sight of the sports that matter.

College football’s a lot like baseball and soccer.

There are lots of teams to choose from, lots of storylines to follow, and plenty of teams that could go either way.

But those games don’t really mean anything, unless you’re watching them with a lot of other people who aren’t paying attention.

When you’re sitting at home and watching a college football game, you’re not just watching a sport, you are watching the lives of people you don