When Duke basketball coach Kevin Ollie goes home, Nike will pay for it

After he was fired as head coach of Duke last week, Kevin OLLIE will have to start making ends meet as the school will have no other option for paying for his legal fees, sources told USA TODAY Sports.

Ollis attorneys have been negotiating a settlement that could result in a $1.3 million payment or more, but negotiations have stalled as the two sides are not in agreement.

The school has made a $600,000 payment in the last month and has offered $1 million in December.

OLLIS’ SAVINGS: How Nike could have saved Ollies legal fees and helped pay for his lawyers article When Olli is officially retired, he will not have to pay the $1,400,000 he is owed as Duke has the option to use its endowment to cover the payment, sources said.

The scholarship fund is valued at $1 billion, with a value of about $750 million that Duke could potentially use for Olls legal defense, sources have said.

However, the school has refused to commit to that amount.

Duke is not obligated to pay any money for OLLi’s legal defense until he is officially out of the coaching profession, sources say.

Duke’s athletic department has also not paid Ollii the $600 to $1 per week salary that he was paid when he was hired by the school in March.

The university will continue to support him and help pay his legal expenses.

OILLI’S FATHER: The coach is still very much involved in the school and is the one who still controls his son’s football career, his wife, JANE OLLI, told USA Today Sports.

She said she will remain involved with her husband and will continue working for the school.

“My heart is with him and my heart is for his family and for our son,” she said.

“We have no plans to step down as parents, but I will continue as a parent and I will be an advocate for the University.”

OLLIES FUTURE: Ollli’s dad will continue coaching his son, the wife of the coach, said OLLY, who is not his real name.

The Ollises will have two sons, Cameron, 16, and Marcus, 13.

Cameron, who was born last year, and Jordan, who also was born this year, will be the third Ollias to have a son.

Cameron will be 16 in December, Marcus is 11 and Jordan is nine.

Olly will also have two daughters, Olivia, 12, and Grace, nine.

The youngest daughter is already a sophomore at New Castle Junior College in Wilmington, Delaware.