The Top 25 Underclassmen for 2017

Top 25 players for the 2017 season in the Utes football program.

Here are the top 25 players to watch in 2017, including an overview of the top five players each will compete for.

This year’s list of top 25 Underclasses, which will be released in the spring of 2018, is comprised of the following:Players with a total of 100 points (25 first-place votes, 25 second-place and 25 third-place) have already been ranked.

The top-five players in each class have been selected by The Sports Bible’s staff.

Players with 50 or fewer points (15 first- and 15 second-places) are listed in order of the first place vote.

Players with 10 or more points are listed with the first name of each player.