Tennessee High to host Nike football cleat game on Sept. 5

TennesSEE, Tenn.

— Tennessea High School announced Friday that it will host a Nike football team-themed game in the 2017-18 season.

“We are excited to introduce a Nike Football cleat to our student-athletes,” the school said in a news release.

“This game will take place in a high school gymnasium and will feature a variety of team-specific equipment that will be worn by the students, the coaches and the players.”

This game was developed by Nike’s athletes and the Nike Football team for our students and is a great way to celebrate the season and build camaraderie.

“The game will be played on Sept 10, the first day of the school year.

It will feature an ESPN 60-second commercial, and the team will wear cleats and helmets during the game.

The team will also wear the Nike logo on their jerseys and shorts.

The game, which will feature 12 teams and an ESPN60 broadcast, is the first Nike Football game at the school.

The announcement comes as Nike’s athletic department grapples with increasing popularity in its sports brands and increasing competition from other sports brands such as the NFL, MLB and NBA.

Nike has struggled with the NFL over its new uniforms that feature “No-Go Zones” to protect players from players in helmets and other protective gear.

The company’s marketing and advertising arm is also facing growing scrutiny after the release of a leaked video that showed a former assistant coach at its academy training camp making racist remarks.

Nike also recently announced that its marketing arm was being taken over by a Chinese company.