NFL Fantasy Football – Week 5: Raiders win in overtime for second straight week

NFL Fantasy football is back and it is getting better than ever.

In the second week of the season, the NFL Fantasy season is finally here, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

The Raiders have won four straight games over the past three weeks, including a 30-16 win over the Carolina Panthers.

For the second straight game, the Raiders are starting the season at 0-3.

The win over Carolina was their fourth consecutive victory, which is a franchise record for a winning streak of three or more games.

This past weekend saw the Raiders take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 4.

The Raiders started the game well but fell apart in the second half and ultimately fell behind 21-0.

After the game, coach Jack Del Rio said that his team’s offense will be “very much a different animal” after the loss.

“We have to be more consistent, we have to run the ball better, we’ve got to get back on the field and we have got to run better,” Del Rio told reporters.

As for who the Raiders will start against the Texans, Del Rio isn’t counting on the offensive line to be their only concern.

The offensive line has been very solid this season.

Even though the Raiders have been playing a lot of groundball and deep ball in the past two weeks, their offense has been getting hot.

With the Raiders having won the past four games against teams that play the Texans in the AFC West, Del Roso knows that the Texans will be able to slow the Raiders offense down and force turnovers.

If the Raiders can slow the Texans down, Del Rosos will have a good chance to win this week’s game.

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