How to dress up as a football jersey

You’ve been thinking about dressing up as football jerseys in your favorite bar and nightclubs for years.

But now, with the rise of the NFL, it’s no longer a new idea.

You can wear them as a casual or professional attire, and you can even make a big statement with a new look.

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If you’re new to football, there are some basic rules to know:• The jersey should be worn without socks or other footwear• The logo on the back should be black or white• The collar should be wide open and the collarbone should be pointed out• The chest and sleeves should be at the same length, the jersey should not be too short, and the jersey collar should not extend beyond the necklineThe following photos are from our favorite bars and clubs in the country.

Some of these are located in major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Check the bar’s website for details.

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