How the NRL’s big money could save the sport

A new model for Australian football’s elite will come to fruition, with the NRL set to release its first annual figures.

The Rugby League Players’ Association has long wanted to see its players’ wages protected and is now preparing to make that happen, but it will be hard to justify its actions in a market where wages for all players are already relatively low.

The NRL has set aside a staggering $4.2 billion over three years to pay players and the NRLPA says the money could be spent on improving training and rehabilitation facilities.

“We know the players’ union is asking for a lot more than just the wages,” Rugby League Commissioner Todd Greenberg said.

“We want to see the players getting the training, the players being able to play their sport.”

Players’ union and NRL set aside $4 billion for players’ compensation over three-year period.

As of now, the NRL says its elite players earn around $1.5 million per season.

With wages already a tiny fraction of that figure, a significant chunk of the money allocated to players would be wasted if the sport were to continue to rely on the big-name players for money.

But the big names are not the only players to have their wages protected.

The AFL, which has also made a big-money investment in training and player rehabilitation facilities, says it has saved $4 million per year.

The big four Australian football leagues have been successful in attracting the top players from around the world to play for them.

Gold Coast Titans’ Scott Pendlebury, one of the biggest names in Australian football, earned a staggering pay packet in 2015-16.

Scott Pendleberry, another big name, is currently playing in Europe.

Rugby league players earn more than $1 million per annum.

Australian Rules football is a sport that has attracted the top names from around Europe.

Source: News Corp Australia Gold’s Pendleworth and Pendle in Europe are among the big earners in the game, but there are others. AAP