BUCS Football Tonight: Notre Dame vs. Nebraska

The next two weeks are a big one for the Huskers, as the defending national champions will face a top-10 defense in the BCS Championship Game and a top ten offense in the College Football Playoff.

And they’ll be facing a Notre Dame team that will have a lot of talent to choose from in the 2017 class.

Here are the teams to watch for in the Big Ten Championship Game:• Notre Dame is in its first season of bowl eligibility, which means that the Irish are going to be a team that can win games on the road.

But as we saw in the Pac-12 Championship Game, a team can win many games on home turf.

The Huskers’ defense is a lot like a typical Irish defense in 2017: They play a lot and have good players, but it also is a unit that can make plays when they need to, like the first three quarters of Saturday’s victory over Oklahoma State.

The defense also has been good against teams with a lot more speed in the past, so this game will be an excellent test for that unit.• Nebraska is the most talented team in the conference.

The Cornhuskers are ranked in the top 25 nationally in almost every category.

They have a good quarterback, a young running back and a talented receiving corps.

But Nebraska also has a talented offensive line and a young defense.

The offensive line should have an answer for Nebraska’s front seven.

It’s been a struggle to keep Nebraska from being a top five offense in 2017, but the Cornhusker secondary is a much better group than it was in 2016.

The Huskers are a little behind the Big 12’s Kansas State in the preseason rankings, but they have an opportunity to make a run this season.

They were ranked No. 5 in preseason AP polls heading into the season, and Nebraska will likely be looking to climb up the rankings.

If Nebraska can beat a top 10 team on Saturday night, the Husker offense should be better than its defense.• Notre at Nebraska should be the most interesting game of the weekend.

Notre Dame has a very talented defensive line, which is a good thing.

It also has very good linebackers.

And the Huskies’ offensive line is also one of the best in the country.

But the Cornhogs have some very talented offensive linemen.

If the Cornheads can get some of their linemen involved, that will be a very fun matchup.

The best teams in the nation will play in the national title game and the College Championship.

And with a week to prepare, there are a few things that the Huskins and Cornhuskies can look at to see if they can be a factor.

Let’s take a look at the Big Eight as a whole and the teams that have the best chance of upsetting Ohio State in a title game.

Nebraska vs. Ohio State: This could be the matchup of the decade, because the Buckeyes have a dominant front seven, which could be enough to beat the Husks.

The Buckeyes’ defensive line is probably the best the Buckeye have had since Joe Banyard, and that’s something that can’t be said for every front seven in the league.

But it’s not like the Buches are a perfect front seven; they’re just good enough to do their job.

Ohio is not a team to be underestimated in the ACC, and they’re going to have to do some work to get back into the game against Nebraska.

The Cornhuskins have a really good offense, and I’m not saying they can win in a traditional sense.

They’re a good passing team, and the Husking secondary can make some big plays.

But this is going to need to be played on the ground, and Ohio State is going the route of using its ground game to get big plays, too.

I’m just not buying into that, and it’s going to take a great performance by the Husky offensive line to pull this off.

Ohio State vs. Notre: This game will have more to do with the strengths of the teams than the strength of the opposing defenses.

Ohio has a good running game and a good receiving corps, but Notre Dame can beat most teams in those categories on its own.

This game should be about the strengths, and Notre Dame will have to beat Ohio on the turf.

That said, Ohio State’s defense could make a big play against Notre Dame.

The Buckeyes could be an easy game for Notre Dame to win, but if Ohio can get a big run game going early, that could make the game a little closer.

The key will be whether or not Ohio State can get the ball out of its backfield and make the plays they need.

The Irish defense is one of, if not the best, in the SEC.