Why N.C.A.A.’s ‘Finals’ can’t be the ‘Cavaliers’

The NCAA basketball tournament is supposed to be the best in the world.

It should be.

But in this year’s tournament, it was the worst.

Last year, the Final Four was the best of the bunch.

But this year, it wasn’t even close.

In 2016, the tournament was a two-horse race, with Louisville and Gonzaga vying for the No. 1 seed and the winner making the Final 4.

This year, with Duke and Villanova in the field, the final four looked even more ridiculous.

The winner of this year is in serious trouble.

The NCAA has a new television contract that is worth more than $1 billion annually.

If it can’t lure enough marquee talent to its arenas, its tournament organizers will have trouble generating enough revenue to cover its $1.4 billion operating budget.

Even if it gets its own TV network, it will still have to pay out a portion of its operating budget every year to the conferences and conferences’ athletic directors.

“The bottom line is that the league needs to be more transparent about how the money is spent, because that will make sure it is doing what it’s supposed to do,” said David Jones, a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill professor who specializes in the economics of college sports.

“You’ve got to be transparent with what is happening to money in the tournament.”

There is a good chance that this year the winner of the Final 40, the top seed in each conference, will miss the Final.

The top two teams in each of the four regions will face off in the first round, and there is a strong chance that both teams will be eliminated before the semifinals.

But with the exception of the first weekend of March, the regular season doesn’t open until June.

The first-round tournament is often the most lucrative.

The league has an incentive to keep the best players together for the rest of the season, since they get paid more money.

The second-round is also an advantage.

The winner of that tournament earns an extra $1 million a year, which can pay for a lot of luxury items, like uniforms.

The NCAA, however, has an even bigger incentive: It is guaranteed a spot in the Final four.

That means the winners of the conferences have a much easier path to the Final, because they will be guaranteed a first-place seed.

The ACC is the No