Which team is the hottest team in the AFC South?

With the bye week just around the corner, the top three teams in the NFC South will be competing for a playoff berth.

With a game against the Eagles and a road game against Dallas, these two teams have the potential to have the most exciting matchup of the year.

The Eagles are one of the hottest teams in football right now.

The offense is loaded with talent.

They’ve got two first round picks in Lane Johnson and Jordan Matthews, two first-round picks in Josh Huff and Josh Huff II, and two second round picks.

They have two firsts in Josh Jackson and Jalen Mills, and both of those are projected first rounders.

The Falcons have three first round pick in Dez Bryant, one in Matt Ryan, and one in Deion Jones.

Atlanta is one of four teams in this division to have at least two first and two third round picks this year.

The Falcons have also added one second round pick to their already impressive draft board.

The Cowboys are another team that has had a great year in the middle of the division.

They got to the playoffs last year and will play the Falcons in the wildcard round this year, but their best chance to get to the Super Bowl will be in the divisional round.

The Cowboys are one team to watch out for in this round.

The Browns are one more team that needs to be on your radar for the playoff hunt.

They’re not the hottest, but they are certainly among the best.

They had two first first round selections this year and a third round pick this year as well.

The Titans are another teams that has some intriguing players on their roster.

The Titans have a pair of first round draft picks in DeMarcus Ware and Dorial Green-Beckham, and another first round selection in Myles Garrett.

The Tennessee Titans have added a fourth round pick as well, which they’re currently using to select a quarterback.

The Redskins have a great team, and their offense is stacked.

They finished second in the NFL last season and had a lot of talent to work with.

The Redskins will look to build on last year’s success and make a deep run in the playoffs.