When the Titans make a mistake, Oklahoma Sooners take the blame

Posted October 07, 2018 10:15:18The Oklahoma Soonals have a habit of making mistakes.

On Sunday, quarterback Dak Prescott and his offense took a huge one when they ran out of timeouts in the fourth quarter, giving the opponent a first down.

The Oklahoma defense responded with a sack on Prescott, which led to an Oklahoma field goal.

That play was the reason the Sooners won the game.

The Titans offense failed to get any kind of pressure on Prescott.

The team also couldn’t get enough pressure on Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews, who had a big game on Sunday.

Tennessee’s offense had problems getting pressure on quarterback Marcus Mariota all game.

Mariota has had a great start to his career, but the Titans defense has been a problem.

This is Mariota’s second straight game without a sack, but he hasn’t had a sack in the last two games.

The quarterback is averaging just 5.3 yards per attempt and has thrown just nine touchdown passes in the past four games.

He needs to find a way to stop the Titans, which has been an issue all season.

Prescott is a good quarterback, but his receivers have been getting too many opportunities to make plays.

The Titans defense gave up a touchdown pass to Jared Goff last week, and Prescott and Mariota have struggled to contain receivers like Goff.

Prescott has had just seven touchdown passes, and Mariot is averaging 6.9 yards per completion.

If Prescott and the Titans can’t stop Goff and Mariots receivers, this team could lose to the Broncos on Saturday night.

The next time the Titans have a turnover, the offense should be able to take a step forward.

If the defense can stop Goff, Mariota and Prescott from making big plays, the Titans will have another chance to win.