When Is Gus Malzahn Out Of Town?

Posted November 01, 2018 04:14:13 Gus Malazahn has been on the sidelines of Gus Malanzahn’s coaching staff since Gus was fired as Michigan State’s head football coach in 2019.

But that’s not stopping him from tweeting about it.

In a tweet Friday morning, Malzauhn, the former Penn State coach who was fired last month after a tumultuous season, tweeted that the University of Michigan and Gus are “at war” and that he is “working on a way to get you home.”

A tweet from Malzakahn this morning about Michigan and Auburn is below.

pic.twitter.com/8W8fWQdHtR — Gus Malzik (@gusmalzahn) November 01.

2018″I am working on a plan to get us home, as I have done from the beginning,” Malzanich tweeted.

“There will be a lot of time and thought that go into that.

I hope it is all going well.

I know it is.”

The Michigan State and Auburn head coaching searches were also on the table this year.

Michigan State hired Bob Stoops as its new head coach in November.

Auburn hired Gus Malachi in January.

The Wolverines hired Ed Orgeron in January, and Malzach has said he is interested in a return to coaching at Michigan.