What you need to know about Northwestern football’s Big Ten schedule

Northwestern has a tough schedule for the rest of the Big Ten, but it is not too bad if you count the teams that will play in the Rose Bowl.

Northwestern plays Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan State, which will all be at home this season. 

But what about the Big 10’s other teams? 

There is one team that will not be playing in the Big 12. 

It will be the No. 10 seed in the CFP rankings. 

This is a big deal for the Big East, as it will be playing its third straight season in the NCAA Tournament. 

In 2016, the No, 12 seed in this year’s tournament was Purdue, who lost in the Round of 64 to Virginia Tech. 

The Big Ten is the only conference that will have two teams from this year that will be in the tournament. 

Purdue is one of the favorites in the conference. 

Its a team that is known for its defense and the fact that they have a star quarterback, but its still a tough team to beat. 

They are the top seed in Big Ten play. 

Another Big Ten team is Michigan State. 

With Michigan State losing in the last game of the season to Penn State, the Spartans have now won two games in a row. 

Michigan State is a solid team with a great defense and will be a tough opponent for Northwestern. 

However, the Wolverines are going to be in Columbus for the Rose, which means they will be coming off their bye week. 

Their only opponent is Wisconsin, which is not much of a problem, but they play at Northwestern. 

 The Big 12 will play six teams from each conference in this tournament, which can be confusing at times. 

If you have a Big 12 team in your league, make sure you have them on the Big Board for the upcoming week.