What if a new Super Bowl is not televised?

If you’re watching Super Bowl 50 in person on Sunday night, you may find that you’ve missed a game.

That’s because the game will not be televised.

NFL owners voted in November to put the event on an unscripted broadcast.

It will be a three-hour event that airs on ESPN, the network that includes the Super Bowl itself.

It was not an easy decision.

The league has been criticized for using a blackout to keep fans away from games they were not invited to.

It also has been accused of using the blackout to force out the networks that provide coverage for the game.

The ratings for the Super 1-0 victory over New Orleans were low, and that may be the reason why it will be broadcast on ESPN.

But some analysts say the network should have kept the game on.

They say the league should have aired it live in order to show viewers a more complete picture of what’s happening in the city and beyond.

But with the new CBS contract that includes a $1.7 billion price tag for broadcast rights to the Super bowl, the league decided to delay the game until the new deal is signed.

That means the game won’t air on Sunday.

The Associated Press reported that the league is still evaluating the Superdome, which has become a magnet for protests, and other venues, and will probably make a decision by the end of the month.