The real life purdue Football is back

A team of college football players is taking the world by storm and taking the college football world by shock with their latest ad campaign.

The new ad campaign for purdue sports team, which is based in Atlanta, will run during the Georgia-Florida game this Saturday.

This is the first time purdue has been seen playing live, but the team’s social media posts have been making headlines.

On their Twitter account, the purdue team said they will not only win, but have the chance to get the world to pay attention to the game of football, and help the game’s reputation.

“The world is watching us,” purdue wrote.

“We are the purplest team to play football in the world.

I will be the most famous guy in the country.”

The team’s Twitter account has over 9.5 million followers.

I will be your most famous man in the nation, purdue tweeted.

The world is waiting for you.

#GeorgiaFBS – purdue (@purpleprincepurple) September 18, 2018It has been rumored for years that purdue was in talks to join the NFL and would soon make its debut in Atlanta.

But the team has said they are not interested in joining the league.

The team has been the biggest draw at Georgia-Georgia Tech’s annual football game, which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 19.

The team had previously made headlines when they were photographed with NFL quarterback Matt Ryan and his wife, Kim, wearing Georgia Tech gear.

Earlier this week, the team released a video featuring Georgia Tech players in their Georgia Tech uniforms.