How to avoid the SEC’s top-rated recruiting class

The SEC is currently one of the top five conferences in the country, with six SEC teams ranked in the top 10, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Clemson has three top-10 classes, while Georgia and Alabama have two each.

The Tigers are the only team in the nation that has six total scholarships remaining on its roster, and that’s not the only thing keeping the Tigers in the conversation for the national championship.

The Tigers have one of just two players ranked in that top 10 of the 247Composite, and their two top-15 prospects are both ranked in 247Sports’ top 25.

The SEC has five total scholarships on the books, and there are nine scholarships on their 2019 class that are rated in the 247 Composite, according a 247Sports composite.

Clemson currently has a total of $19,000 in scholarships on its 2019 class, which is second-highest among the five teams.

Clemson will need to win its final four games to claim the title.

The three Tigers currently ranked in this year’s top 10 in 247Comps are quarterback Jalen Hurts and wide receiver Jalen Mills.

Hurts was a four-star prospect before transferring to Florida, and Mills is a four (!)-star.

Hurst has more than doubled his grade point average, and his production has jumped from a 7.9 to a 9.0 this season.

The 6-foot-2, 202-pound Mills is also a two-star recruit, and he’s listed at 6-5, 194 pounds.

Both of those players are highly rated in 247sports, but they have a chance to make the jump to the next level.

Hurtt and Mills both have two-year eligibility and have to pass a physical to earn an invite to the 2017 NFL draft.

Hurt has already visited LSU, and if he can’t make the team he could be selected before the draft.

The fact that he has already made the visit should be a good indicator that Hurts could be in the mix before the 2019 draft.

There are still plenty of holes for the Tigers, and they could be one of them.

Hurting is a five-star with the highest grade point total of any player in the 2018 class, but Mills is currently listed at a 4.6.

Hurter is a two star and Mills a two.

That means Hurts would have to average at least 3.8 points per game in 2019 to have a shot at a spot on the team, which would be difficult.

Hurton is projected to go in the middle of the first round.

Mills would have a higher grade point in 2019, and it would make sense to see Hurts as a third-round pick.

If the Tigers are able to add one or both of the three players to the 2019 class to help fill the holes in their offense, Hurts, Mills and the rest of the offensive line could be the best offense in the conference.

Hursts is a physical threat who can make plays in the open field, Mills is an explosive runner who can stretch the field vertically, and Hurts has the ability to get rid of the ball on a dime.

If the Tigers add Hurts to the offensive backfield, they would have one heck of a receiving corps.

The Clemson offense is a major part of the Tigers’ success.

The offense has four first-team All-American and three first-round All-SEC picks on the offensive side of the football.

The running game is one of Clemson’s strength, and the Tigers have two of the country’s top five receiving corps with four players in the class of 2019, including three receivers in the first two rounds of the 2018 draft.

The defensive line could make a major difference for Clemson in 2019.

Clemson’s front seven is ranked in both the AP Top 100 and 247Compoil, and defensive end Shaq Lawson and safety Jamal Adams are both in the AP top 200.

Lawson is a six-foot, 330-pound junior who has flashed potential at times in his career, but he needs to improve on his tackling.

Lawson had three pass breakups against Alabama, which helped make him a lock for the 2017 Heisman Trophy.

Lawson would also need to get stronger and faster, but it could work in his favor.

Adams, a four star recruit, has been dominant at the cornerback position for the Bulldogs.

He’s been the leader of the secondary in his four years in Clemson’s secondary.

Adams is currently ranked as the nation’s No. 17 cornerback and the nation is rated the No. 7 cornerback in the ACC.

The Clemson secondary has ranked in at least the top three of the defensive rankings four times in the past three years, and Adams has been the best defensive player on the defense.