How Ohio State beat Clemson in OT

Auburn beat Ohio State in OT, 38-24, on Saturday.

The Tigers led 24-0 when the clock expired with 9:45 left.

But the Buckeyes ran for a touchdown on their first possession, and Auburn answered with a field goal.

Ohio State (4-2, 2-1 Big Ten) had a chance to go up 20-14 with 4:10 left, but missed on a 21-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jacob Eason to tight end T.J. Moe.

Ohio, which was favored to win the Big Ten, had the better offensive performance.

But a missed field goal by Clemson quarterback DeShone Kizer in the fourth quarter hurt the Buckeye offense.

The game-winning drive capped a three-game winning streak for the Buckeys.