ESPN to shut down college football site due to ‘hate speech’

A college football website is shutting down due to “hate speech” by a player.

ESPN has taken down its college football page on Twitter and its Facebook page, the social media platforms announced Friday.

The decision to shutter the site comes after the site was criticized for a post last month in which the Heisman Trophy winner, Sam Darnold, was criticized over his use of the word “fuck.”

In the post, Darnolds wrote that he would never play for someone who is a “bitch” because “a man’s game isn’t about how much you hate women or minorities.

It’s about how you love your wife and family.”

ESPN, which has a long history of controversy and has been accused of bias by many, has denied that it had any kind of problem with Darnows post.

The company has also denied it had a problem with the content of the post itself.

“ESPN believes in diversity, in inclusion and in inclusion in all of its programming, and we have been clear about our stance on these issues since the post was published,” the company said in a statement.

“As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, ESPN has recently reviewed our policy on race and gender, and this is a first step toward removing this content from our platform.”

Darnolds was asked in his post why he felt compelled to use the word fuck on Twitter.

He said it was a response to a recent article about an ESPN radio show that discussed how to get women on air.

After receiving the response, Dernolds wrote, “It’s a good thing my wife and kids know how to handle this stuff.

I am not a big fucker.”

Darnows then wrote that ESPN “has a lot of men” who “don’t even like me, and they’re not going to be on the air to discuss my fucking football career.

Fuck this shit.

Fuck my life.”ESPN suspended Darns for a day.

The news site was not immediately available for comment.