Which is more likely to make you cry? – Business Insider


It makes you cry when you watch a movie or TV show with a crying scene.


You’re more likely at a football match to cry than cry yourself.

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The more you cry, the more you have to watch TV, the older you get.

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You’ll cry more when you’re at home watching TV or reading an article.

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You’ve got more time to cry if you’re a fan of the sports you watch, rather than someone else.


Watching the same TV show more often makes you sad.


You may cry more if you’ve been to a sporting event you haven’t been to before.


You cry more after watching a sad movie, TV show or music video than after watching it again.


Crying is a natural reaction to emotional pain.


You have a higher chance of crying when you are alone, especially when you think you have no one to cry with.

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