is ment for simulation purposes only. This is not the real website or
airline! The website runs with official permission by; the Dutch and French Corporate
Department. This website however is not their responsibility and therefore can not be refered to the real Looking for the real airline? Click here to go to


Welcome has the main goal to simulate the real in the Netherlands and in France 
as real as possible by flying on the online networks IVAO and VATSIM or completely offline.

With more than 100 destinations in- and outside of Europe, a reallife timetable and online Air Traffic Controllers who direct you through there airspaces. It is your job to make our flights a big succes! Depart with rain, fog and CAV not OK. And land in a sunny country to bring our passengers to there holiday or business destination. 

You can simulate this via Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 or X and the IPS system provided by IPS Systems.

Interested in joining our virtual airline? Then report ready for takeoff to our Membership Department and apply now...

Happy landings,

Sven Duijff
Chief Executive Officer



Our wintertimetable is active now. The wintertour will be active by tomorrow. Enjoy flying!



You may/can now download the A320 Livery for the Aerosoft Airbus X EXT on the download page. France is flying with this A/C now. Paint by Rivay Abyaz and



You may/can now download the lease version by for the NGX on the download page.
These will be flown during this summer season.



You may/can now download the special Sunweb and GOL liveries on the download page.
These will be flown during this summer season.
(KLM is available for download, but not yet operated)

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